Nice carpet

On 10th june we have installed some nice carpet in the office instead of the traditionnel tiles. We think the result is classy !

Kids Care Kenia

Like last five years, our companies are actively supporting financially the Dutch non-profit organisation "Kids Care Kenia", helping orphans to build a better future for their families, communities and themselves through eduction.

Support their cause and have a look on their website here.

Les Restos du Coeur

Like each of the last six years, our companies once again donated 8000 euros to the French humanitarion organisation "Les Restos du Coeur", providing meals and shelter to people in need.

The organisation has an excellent reputation and does fantastic work.

Support their cause and have a look on their website here.

Opening of New Agency Offices In Montoir, Covering Nantes, St Nazaire, Montoir & Donges

On 01.12.2011 we opened our new agency company in Nantes, "French Atlantic Ship Agencies", covering the ports of Nantes, St Nazaire, Montoir and Donges. The group of agency companies is now covering practically all French ports with our own companies, own staff and from our own offices.

Restyling Of The Group's Visual Identity

New logos, new colours and soon a new website and company brochure. Great modern, harmonised and standardised looks and colours for our group covering the 2 agency and 1 chartering companies; Provence Shipping & Chartering Sarl, Provence Agencies Sarl and French Atlantic Ship Agencies Sarl.